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683 Simcoe Road

Transforming a 56-Year-Old House into a Contemporary Oasis: A Remarkable Journey


For Adonnahomes, the journey to transform this rundown home has been nothing short of remarkable. What once stood as a testament to the past now undergoes a stunning metamorphosis, blending timeless architectural elements with contemporary design concepts. The process is a delicate dance between honoring the history ingrained within the walls and embracing the possibilities of the present. This transformation encapsulates not only the restoration of a physical structure but also the infusion of new energy, where generations merge and the past meets the promise of the future. The 56-year-old house emerges from its cocoon as a modern oasis, a harmonious blend of nostalgia and contemporary elegance, inviting occupants to embark on a new chapter of comfort, style, and cherished memories.

Moving forward in style

With a mismatched exterior and gravely outdated siding, Simcoe Road was not a pleasant sight. Its very 1900s aesthetic was radically worn out, and something that nobody in the 21st century could get behind. The clear laziness in exterior design, makes this structure seem like two widely different houses mushed together. But thankfully With a little love, and some elbow grease, this outdated house was brought into the 21st century. With an extended garage, a beautifully bold shade of paint, and some luxurious landscaping, Simcoe Road’s exterior would become a gorgeous addition to the neighborhood. This outstanding piece of architecture will be standing loud and proud for many years to come.

Reimagining Comfort

Whether it be the ugly and moldy carpet, yellow-tinted walls, and crowded interior, the living room, which is supposed to be a focal point in a home, was very cluttered and unwelcoming. It was unattractive and a sore thumb of the house. Many changes in the living room, left a modern retreat where you can enjoy yourself, and the beauty of the space. After removing the dingy carpets, and replacing it with a dazzling hardwood, a new air of sophistication was brought to the living room. The addition of the fireplace brought some coziness to this atmosphere and all in all the living room was ready to take on new experiences.

A Luxurious Retreat

Decorated with simple and elegant pieces the bathroom became luxurious and spa worthy. It has updated and stylish pieces such as floating vanities, a bright white stand-alone bathtub, new tiling and lighting, and lastly, a fresh shade of paint, that gives it that pristine flair that makes this bathroom, a place to unwind, relax, and kick back.

Culinary Haven​

From dreadful cabinets to regrettable countertops and backsplash, this kitchen is not somewhere where anyone would want to host/entertain guests, cook meals, and spend memorable family time. The evidently ancient appliances bring this space back in history. With a clean and contemporary finish, this kitchen is soon to be home to new memories and moments. Following a complete gut job, the kitchen has transformed into a dazzling environment, with dove white cabinets, chic backsplash, new and improved appliances, and a bold and spectacular island.

Beneath the Surface​

This revised space can be used as an in-house suite for relatives, which becomes an easily beloved apartment. Hardwood flooring, pot lights, and drywall were a few things that upgraded this space from being a place of nightmares to dreams.

Discover the Tranquil Beauty​

A grossly red deck and an unusable greenhouse really held back the potential of this backyard. The red deck was clearly out of place in this backyard but was an essential part of bringing the backyard together. The widely gross, bug-infested greenhouse was taking up much-needed space in the backyard, making this spacious yard feel cluttered. But, this beautiful new backyard has a new spacious, and zen aesthetic. Whether it be the removal of the non-functional greenhouse, that was hoarding precious square footage, or the new paint for the deck, that gives it an air of superiority. This backyard has become a haven for entertaining guests, and enjoying a perfectly landscaped oasis.


The journey of renovating this house has breathed new life into every nook and cranny. What was once a structure frozen in time has blossomed into a harmonious symphony of modern design and timeless charm. The meticulous craftsmanship, thoughtful detailing, and innovative vision have culminated in a masterpiece that seamlessly merges the past and present. Each renovated space tells a unique story, weaving together the threads of history with the aspirations of the future.